Bare Bones Cookbook
Bare Bones Cookbook
Healthy Eating, Devolved

Bare Bones Cookbook presents information in a top down approach, more like a textbook than merely a collection of recipes, to give you the strongest starting point for your cooking and nutrition goals.  Instructions are given on choosing and then using your hardware, notes on ingredients and preparation, basic cooking techniques, and then finally recipes that bring everything together.

  • 36 Techniques and Recipes with extensive notes and variations all based on classic cooking methods.
  • Verbose Preparation instructions for all necessary skills including knife use, vegetable and meat prep, herb use, stock making, and rendering.
  • Extensive notes on hardware selection focusing on keeping your kitchen streamlined and useable even if you have limited space or budget.
  • An emphasis on whole ingredients that are sourced as responsibly as possible for optimum nutrition and flavor.

Learn From The Ground Up

Every piece of hardware you will use is explained and nothing is taken for granted.  From your stove to your knives to your pans, you will find tips on purchasing, using, and maintaining all of them.


What To Do Before You Start Cooking

Some of the most important steps in a recipe come long before your food touches the heat.  Learn in detail how to prepare herbs, slice meat, cut vegetables, and every other skill necessary to successfully execute the recipes.


Build Your Skills

You will master the basic techniques that will turn every recipe into a success.  Searing, roasting, and braising are covered in exceptional detail so no step is left a mystery.  Variations are given so you can see how these basic skills can be adapted to almost limitless applications.


Bring It All Together

All the recipes build off of the basic techniques.  If anything is unclear you simply refer back to the prior chapters for detailed information.  You will quickly find that no cuisine is out of your reach.